The Kalia Show!

Hey everyone, I’m Kalia! I am a Junior at Towson University, and this is my first semester as a transfer student. I attended Community College of Baltimore County Essex for 2 years and received my Associates degree in Humanities & Social Sciences. I then transferred to Howard University for one semester, which was not the best fit for me. Now I am at Towson and I love it. I am a Mass Communications major and a Spanish minor. I was born in Raleigh North Carolina, and grew up here in Baltimore. I actually graduated from Towson High School, so I know this area pretty well. I am a virgo, my birthday is September 11th – yes I know, its a horrible date- but hey I was actually born first! I went to Barbizon Modeling & Acting schools then graduated and a few years later became an instructor. I love taking pictures and making videos. I have a YouTube channel, called “The Kalia Show” and I love when people come up to me singing the theme song! I love to go to church every Sunday and praise the Lord, I listen to gospel music a lot. If I’m not listening to gospel then it is most likely Ashanti or Tamia. I love family time, I don’t really like being a lone. I don’t ever really have free time because I am always working or babysitting. A really fun fact about me is that I want 10 kids, most would say I am crazy, but thats just me!




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