Trapped in the Garage!

On this beautiful sunny, yet chilly day, I decided to take a trip to the Inner Harbor. When I got downtown there was absolutely no parking on the streets so I parked in the closest garage near the water. As I examined the prices, I only planned on paying $10-$15 for the parking lot.

I went out and took plenty of pictures, enjoyed some chocolate from the Fudgery, watched two gentlemen play their drums near the water, and enjoyed the environment.

After a good while spent at the Harbor, it’s time to go and I head back to the garage to find my car. I enter the area where the elevators are because I parked on the sixth floor and I was not willing to take the steps. I see a few people paying for their tickets before getting on the elevator and I realize that I left mine in the car.

When I get in my car, guess what? CAN’T find the ticket anywhere !! No big deal right ? Wrong, apparently it was a big deal to management. I nicely went up to the guy who was in charge for the day and told him I lost my ticket and needed help. Usually a little smile and batting of my eyelashes gets me what I want. But not this time, he says “Ok I need your license and registration and $30”.

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped! I said “You are joking right haha” he says “No, it’s $30 to get out”

I slightly panicked and said I’ll be right back. I hopped in my car and searched for the ticket some more. Still the ticket was no where to be found, and I start dreading having to pay this money for a stupid parking spot!

I decided to retrace my steps and drive back up to the sixth floor to look for my ticket. I missed the turn and somehow ended up on the roof. The sun was shining beautiful, so I got out, turned my music up and had a friend take my pictures. After all I had to pay $30 for being in there so why not make the time memorable!


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