Meet Miss Mia Williams!

Mia Williams hosts the “Beauty and the Beast” event at Towson in the LA building.

One year ago, Mia Williams visited Towson University’s campus and unexpectedly fell in love. During the process of applying to colleges Towson was the only diverse college on Mia’s list, the rest were HBCU’s. When she moved on campus Mia was not involved and quickly fell homesick. When the next semester came around something had to change so Mia could finally get her college experience the correct way.  

We are committed to providing a collaborative, interdisciplinary and inter-professional atmosphere, excellence in teaching, leadership development, civic engagement, and opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels, ” Towson University’s mission statement recites.

Every student has a different experience when they come to Towson University. After all, life is what you make it, and the same applies when you go to college. Some students fall homesick, some students catch the freshman 15, some fall into depression, and some have the time of their lives. Faculty and Staff at Towson want to make sure their students have plenty of success. They also want to prevent students from all the negatives such as falling off track.

Mia is one of many students at Towson who have found getting involved to be a life changing experience. She has developed excellent interpersonal skills, as well as leadership skills from joining clubs and organizations at Towson. She has had the opportunity to create special bonds with people and start life long friendships. 

“Mia is very passionate,” said Bijon Lane, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. “When she has her mind made up Mia will follow through with it at any means and any cost.”

Prioritizing is a major key that Mia follows by. She knows the importance of balancing school work, fun, and her sorority which also comes with many responsibilities.

It is very important for Mia to be there for others, she became very open to getting involved and getting to know new people. She has been inspired in many ways she didn’t expect.

“She is a very caring person, she is loving, she has never been judgmental either, I know she has my best interest at heart,” Bijon said.

When Mia first came to Towson she did not see the importance of getting involved and meeting new people. She thought she would get through college by herself, which is very possible but also very lonely. Mia has become a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, as well as joined the modeling group on campus M.O.D, and she holds a position in the career center. With all of the accomplishments that Mia has done and all of the great connections she has made with people, she is nowhere near done and has many more amazing plans for the future.


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