Meet Miss Mia Williams!

Mia Williams hosts the “Beauty and the Beast” event at Towson in the LA building.

One year ago, Mia Williams visited Towson University’s campus and unexpectedly fell in love. During the process of applying to colleges Towson was the only diverse college on Mia’s list, the rest were HBCU’s. When she moved on campus Mia was not involved and quickly fell homesick. When the next semester came around something had to change so Mia could finally get her college experience the correct way.   Continue reading “Meet Miss Mia Williams!”


Getting involved at TU!

Towson University Assistant Director of Activities talks with MCOM 258 students to tell why she loves her job. With high hopes of getting each and every student involved Brandy Hall gives great advice to how and why they should.



Boxing with Burris

Baltimore Boxing Club trains up the best boxers. This popular boxing gym has been open for 30 years now. (Photo by: Kalia Green/ TU Student)

     He never wanted to be a boxer, in fact his dream was to become a famous baseball player but, God had another plan for Allen Burris. As a child Allen was picked on because he was the only mixed kid in his predominantly white neighborhood. He never started the fights nor bothered anyone but was somehow always getting beat up on. To stay out of any further trouble, Allen decided to go to the gym to learn boxing techniques. Continue reading “Boxing with Burris”

TU Student Aims to Promote Christianity Through Journalism

Sydney Gaeth

IMG_3276 Kalia Green studies Journalism/New Media as a spring semester student at Towson University. (Sydney Gaeth/TU student)

Kalia Green is a Mass Communications major at Towson University in Towson, MD. She has a passion for both Christianity and being a strong voice for young people. These passions led her to the field of Journalism where she hopes to provide positive media to children through her love of God.

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Bringing Acapulco back to life.


Diego del Pozo host’s the Ninth Annual International Film Festival at Towson University.  Bridges to the World film festival has showcased movies from 5 different countries: Colombia, South Korea, Hungary, Egypt, and Mexico. (Photo by: Kalia Green/TU Student)

A staff member of the Foreign languages Department at Towson University spoke on Friday about the once known tourist city in Mexico (Acapulco), whose reputation has been destroyed.

The speaker introduced the screening of the film Vuelve a la vida. The goal of bringing light and positivity to Acapulco through the life of Don Hilario Martinez Valdivia (Long Dog) was successful and left a powerful effect on the audience. Continue reading “Bringing Acapulco back to life.”