Make-Up to be a New YOU!

Can makeup change the way people view you ?

According to a recent article about a high school senior who uses makeup to enhance his looks, makeup can change everything. This young man receives over 20,000 likes on his senior picture compared to his previous years which he thinks were really bad. Not to mention, these pics were with no makeup and no made up hairdo like his most recent.

Makeup can make the world of a difference. Each makeup utensil has a specific role to help enhance a persons beauty. Take a moment to read about some important makeup items that will be sure to change your appearance.

Blush: Brightens your face and puts an emphasis on bone structure. To apply you lightly brush color from your ears inward and blend well.

Mascara: Brightens the eyes and gives them a lift. It makes you look more awake and alert. For best results, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. This will make your lashes appear longer than normal. Then look straight ahead when applying mascara, not up or down, this avoids mess on and below the eye lid.

Brows: Your eyebrows are the most expressive feature on the face, and can add emphasis on what the eyes tell emotionally. Keeping your brows groomed (tweezed and brushed) can help apply brow color easier. You begin filling in your brows with short light strokes in the same direction that your hair grows in. The point is to make your brows look as natural as possible with a slight enhancement using brow powder, gel, or pencil. Lightly brush brows in same direction when done applying excess.

Eyeshadow: Dramatizes your eyes, you can use multiple colors to get that special affect. You first need to apply a primer to ensure that the shadow holds its place all day, and does not crease. When applying colors of the shadow, it may not turn out as you expect if you do not blend correctly. Blending is the MOST important step. You must move your brush like windshield wipers for a good 20 seconds to make sure that colors go on smoothly.

Eyeliner: Draws attention to your eyes. If you use white eyeliner on your bottom water line it will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. If you use darker eyeliners such as black or blue your eyes will appear tighter and closer together. When applying liner work from the the outer corner inward towards your nose with a steady hand so that your line is straight.

Foundation: Helps smoothen out your skin and appear as one even color all around. It is very helpful to wet your beauty blender before smoothing out your liquid foundation.

Powder: Holds together the liquid foundation and gives your face a natural matting feel.

It is important as women, or men to look the part. When you know how to correctly use makeup tools or take a moment to teach yourself it says a lot! You go from looking drab to fab in seconds!



Lose the hair or lose the job!


14955508284_a85fcccfd7_oShould people be judged based on their hairstyles? No, but do we still do it…YES! Of course not every style is “professional” depending on the job you are trying to get. For example you would certainly not go on an interview for a teachers position with bright blue hair, that just doesn’t make sense because in today’s society we have norms. There is a dress code in cooperate America that you should follow when going on interviews for a job (which apparently includes hair).

Styles you can’t help but keep, such as a buzzed cut or dreads because you have natural course hair, why should that affect you getting a job? As long as you keep your hair tamed, neat, manageable and it doesn’t interfere with your work there should be no issue. Your hairstyle has nothing to do with their intelligence, skills, abilities, knowledge, or work ethic. When you go on an interview, yes your appearance is super important. You should not go with a bunch of crazy tattoos showing, or piercings hanging from your eyebrows, these are things you can control. But when it comes to hair, especially if you have ethnic hair you may not always be able to keep it how “corporate America” wants it to be. If you have to make drastic changes in your appearance just to get a job, the chances are this job is not for you and you probably will not like it that much if you are hired anyway. So save yourself the drama and work somewhere you will not get judged by the way you look.

Aside from your hair, what are other rules of interviewing ? Let’s take a look at one of my favorite YouTubers who has helped millions of people with successful interviews!




Body “Treasuring”

Don’t you love when celebrities go against the norm and allow fans to see the truth. One of these truths happens to be something that today’s society struggles with the most; the body image. There are various body shapes but one that is most popular is the X shape also known as the hourglass. The other body shapes are often forgot about or hidden. If you are not a perfect hour-glass, you are going to be shamed or laughed at unfortunately.

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Self-confidence vs. Social media confidence

April 8th, 2018

By: Kalia Green


Do you have self-confidence? Where does your confidence come from? In today’s society people allow social media to tell them if they are pretty or not, or tell if they are worthy or not. Recent studies have shown that social media can have negative impacts on the way we view ourselves. It’s extremely important to have self-confidence and not confidence created or built by social media.  
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